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Performances to Grow On

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"Art in Education is not about creating future artists. Rather, Art in
Education is about enabling dream-making to happen in all students. "

— Donald Davis, Storyteller

The most important contribution of the arts to education is the ability to improve the way we teach and's why:


"Everybody worries about things being 'educational' with kids. I believe everything is educational, in that it says something about how one looks at the world - it imparts a knowledge, or world-view.

Children learn more from context than they do from explicit lessons, so assume they're working to understand something. 

They learn vocabulary and language not from a dictionary or worksheet, but from conversation, they learn songs not from reading music, but from singing with someone who loves to sing, and they learn hope and kindness and cooperation not from being told to have them, but by experiencing them." 

- Bill Harley

Students from Gail Small's 2nd grade class from Conejo Elementary School were honored as the 500,000th students to pass through the doors of the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. Shown here, the class presented a special mural and poem to Performances To Grow On.

Read the Poem…


This season Performances To Grow On will continue to offer an arts education program to the students of Ventura County. We will be offering Adventures in the Performing Arts, a series of performances presented to students during the school day at theaters throughout Ventura County that includes nationally known performers representing the disciplines of theater, dance, music, puppetry and storytelling. In addition, PTGO will be offering the very successful "Assemblies At Your School" program which brings many performers directly into schools for up close experiences in the arts. Including these programs as part of Performances To Grow On is an integral part of our overall mission of reaching youth and exposing them to the joy of live performance. My friend Donald Davis, a storyteller from North Carolina, said it very beautifully:

"Art in Education is not about creating future artists. Rather Art in Education is about enabling dream-making to happen in all students.

When a student meets a practicing artist, their vision of the worldsuddenly becomes bigger than the walls of the room in which theysleep each night. Now, they have new material for dreaming.

Nothing is ever achieved without its being dreamed about first. Unless we give students huge experiences for dream building, theirachievements in both academia and personal life can do nothing butreplicate the lives they are already living.

Art makes life larger than life so that life itself can become larger than it would become any other way. I have seen this happen over and over again and again with studentsafter school performances."

We hope you will take advantage of the artful opportunities listed on these pages to make learning rich and relevant.



Let Our Stage be Your Classroom! There is nothing quite like the performing arts to stir the imaginations and elicit critical thinking skills in students. For a list of performances available to school groups, go to Adventures in the Performing Arts for theatre field trips in Ventura County and School Assemblies for shows that can be brought to your school.

Chatham Baroque from Pittsburgh poses with student musicians from Lupin Hill elementary school
in Agoura after an outreach performance presented by PTGO.
Maybe some of these kids will be inspired to become professional musicians.