Welcome to a new year full of wonderful possibilities in the arts. Performances To Grow On is adding an important link to arts education with this assembly program to bring the arts to your school.


See also Adventures in the Performing Arts for field trips to the theatre. 


We believe in a balanced curriculum and the power of the arts to make the educational process more relevant and exciting. In these times of standards and testing, the arts can play a vital role in helping to enrich the curriculum. We hope your school can take advantage of these extraordinary artists and book assemblies for the coming year. Each of the programs in this booklet comes with a special guide designed to help you prepare your students for what they will see as well as providing follow-up activities. Performances To Grow On looks forward to being part of your Arts-in-education program. 


To schedule an assembly, fill out an order form and mail it to:


Performances To Grow On, P.O. Box 212, Ojai, CA, 93024, or e-mail bbemel@sbcglobal.net.


Our touring performers are award-winning artists that perform all over the United States. The cost includes their travel and hotel accommodations. These artists are block booked throughout Ventura County making these shows quite affordable compared to a single booking.You must complete this form for each program you wish to reserve. A $100 deposit must accompany each assembly reservation. Full payment is due 3 weeks prior to the show date. For more information, please call Brian Bemel, (310) 890-1439.

Touring Assemblies At Your School

May 18 - 22, 2020 - Touring Assemblies
Bill Harley
2 shows: $1200, one show: $800     


A two time Grammy winning performer, Bill is a masterful storyteller, an incredible singer and an award winning author of children’s books.  Bill connects with students of all ages and his stories are funny, poignant and life-affirming.  A live performance with Bill Harley is an unforgettable experience, there is no one that communicates and understands the world of kids like Bill.  His repertoire includes folk tales, personal stories about growing up, and stories about schools that includes teachers, bus-drivers, cafeteria workers and principals.  Masterful storytelling and comic narrative songs will have students young and old laughing out loud. With slice-of-life vignettes about big trouble and simple pleasures, Bill’s rubber-faced abandon and keen memory will delight students of all ages.

Touring by Arrangement

Antonio Sacre, Bilingual Storyteller
1 assembly $800; 2 assemblies $1200;
3 assemblies $1500


Antonio is a nationally acclaimed storyteller that tells folktales from Latin America and original stories with humor and style. Antonio connects with students of all ages and his warm personality and engaging style are a winning combination for students of all ages. Antonio is also a published author.

Boxtales Theatre Company
Iron John only: 1 assembly $700; 2 assemblies $850;
3 assemblies $1000
All other shows: 1 assembly $800; 2 assemblies $950;
3 assemblies $1100


BOXTALES Theatre Company uses storytelling, music, masks, and movement to present world myths and folktales to audiences of all ages. www.boxtales.org

NEW SHOW! Stand Up Stories – Multicultural Tales to Live by - Explore the corners of the world to gain wisdom and compassion on a fun filled journey with lions, magical fairies and Greek Gods! Click here for more information

Study Guide

NEW SHOW! Africa to America – The Ananse Story - Ananse the Trickster Spider is having a party, and you're invited! Sing and dance with him, while he travels to new lands and transforms in the process. This show features live West African drum rhythms & songs. Great for Black History month. Click here for more information

Iron John – A Brothers Grimm Tale - Journey with the wild man to the dark forest, pass the test, and become a king in this action-packed tale of wonder and transformation, featuring acrobatics, mime and live music. Click here for more information

Study Guide

Waters of the Earth – Multicultural Tales of the Sea - Sing Sea Chanteys and sail around the world with a magical Selky, the Greek God Dionysus and Sinbad the Sailor. Click here for more information

Study Guide

The Hero Twins – A Mayan Story - This interactive, bilingual show follows the Mayan Hero Twins down into the underworld, where together with the audience, they must call on their animal friends to outwit the wicked, three-headed Lords of Xibalba. Click here for more information

Study Guide

B'rer Rabbit and Other Trickster Tales from Around the World - These stories inspire self-reliance and creative problem solving on a humorous and magical journey with wily creatures who teach us folk wisdom, and life lessons. Click here for more information

Study Guide

The Odyssey – Heroic Tales from Greek Mythology - Journey with the great hero Odysseus while he encounters Poseidon, Zeus, the Cyclopes, Calypso, Circe and many others in this Classic Greek adventure tale. Click here for more information

Study Guide

Dan Crow
1 assembly $550; 2 assemblies $700;
3 assemblies $900 - Elementary


Dan is a wonderful performer known for his zany songs and stories. The biggest secret about Dan is that his school shows are not only fun but quite educational. For the primary grades his focus is on sounds and Dan explores language in a way kids will never forget. For upper grades, Dan does songs about homonyms, prepositions, palindromes, etc., as well as myths and his own original stories. Dan's friendly manner and zany characters are a winning combination your students will long cherish. www.dancrow.com

Study Guide

Michael McCarty
1 assembly $600; 2 assemblies $800;
3 assemblies $950


Known for his high-energy performances, Michael will take your students across the globe through story. Using humor, movement and spirited telling, Michael will captivate your students with his exciting program. www.havemouthwillrunit.com